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stay a while longer

This is about one of the hardest things. But it's part of the human experience. 

It starts with a poem, specially written for anyone on the cusp; that place between their life and death. If that's you, I know my words might not reach that far or be what you need right now. I've left some links to elsewhere. Take a look - it might help you to stay

If you have decided it's time, go well. 

Stay a while longer,

if you can.

Breathe some more, even if

it’s just another hour. Be sure,

before you slip into the deep.


I know that sea, its rack & roar;

my soul cast off, dashed on rock.


It’s like dying without dying.


I don’t offer hope. Hope

is in some future place, not here,


in the howling stretch.


I honour your passage instead.


Hold to the raft of yourself,

if you can; one shattered piece,

if that’s all that’s left. Even if

it’s just another minute,


another breath.


Try to find a way of being

of dying without dying

your soul knows how

to come to


                          on the brow.

Hold a while longer,

if you can. Even if

it’s just

                          for now.



If you feel like dying

You're someone who cares

My story

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