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stay a while longer

I’m fundraising for Samaritans. From time to time, they've offered me a space to open up, without being judged or fixed. They honour where you're at - human to human. 

As part of the fundraiser, I’m sharing a quietly powerful poem of mine, 'Stay a while longer'.

It’s uncomfortable doing this; suicide is still such a taboo subject. But it helps if people like me talk about our experience. We’re the ones who hold the wisdom.


Samaritans are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You don't have to be in crisis to call. 

Please donate so that people have somewhere to turn. 

stay a while longer

if you can



some more


even if it’s just another hour

be sure

before you slip into the deep


I know that sea

its rack & roar

my soul cast off

dashed on rock


it’s like dying without dying


I don’t offer hope

hope is of some future place

not here


in the howling stretch


I honour your passage instead


hold to the raft of yourself

if you can

one shattered piece

if that’s all that’s left


for just another minute

if you can

another breath


try to find a way of being

of dying without dying

your soul knows how

to find a way to


                          on the brow


hold a while longer

if you can


even if

it’s just

for now


Call 116 123 for free 24/7

Other ways to get in touch

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