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soul survival guide

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

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Poetry  Soul  Train

24hr Twitterfest - starting 8pm Friday 31st December 

In December 2020, I created Connection Fest with the support of the Camerados. This was a month-long online festival exploring and celebrating connection and what it means to us, especially at this time. Find out more here. 

Calm Sea

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ali davenport

This is a complete chapter from 'soul survival guide'.

Please feel welcome to share.


Light Emitting Diodes
Abstract Bubbles

kindness is connection

Poetry Soul Train was a 24hr Twitterfest starting at 8pm on New Year's Eve 2021.The idea was to send words around the world celebrating being human. Supported by the Camerados, I came up with the idea as part of the 'Xmas Can Be Crap' activities. Find out more here.  

Manc Voice

Manc Voice is the grassroots arm of soul survival guide on Twitter, supporting Manchester people to have a say. It's also to promote and share good practice.  


Manc Voice @MancVoice


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