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ali davenport

This is a complete chapter from 'soul survival guide'.

Please feel welcome to share.


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soul survival guide

Swimming Pool

be part of a kindness movement - join the camerados


Camerados is a growing group of people who get through tough times by looking out for each other. Being a camerado is mindset thing that you can carry with you everywhere. Some folk like to wear a badge to show they are a camerado and others like to meet up in places called Public Living Rooms. Anyone can be a camerado, so join in!

We're hoping to create a Public Living Room at Salutem Cafe! 

kindness is connection

Manc Voice

Manc Voice is the grassroots arm of soul survival guide on Twitter, supporting Manchester people to have a say. It's also to promote and share good practice.  


Manc Voice @MancVoice


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