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What is Poetry For The Soul?  

Poetry For The Soul is a Twitter-share taking place from Saturday 19th till Sunday 27th November 2022. Things feel gloomy at the moment, especially as we go into the winter. The idea is to share poems that are good for the soul, whether our own words or someone else's. 

Share your poems, making sure you use the hashtag #PoetryForTheSoul. Also, tag one or more of us - Ali Davenport @soulsurvivalali, Hannah Green @h_green21, Kate Jenkinson @kate_kjenkinson. 

You can also Like/Reply/Re-tweet other poems. It all contributes! 

Who are the poets behind this?

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Ali Davenport

I'm Ali, a poet, writer and soul-searcher from Manchester. I call myself a 'soul survival guide' and you can find out about me and my work on this website. 

Twitter: Ali Davenport @soulsurvivalali

TEDx talk: Everything is connected, connection is everything 


Hannah Green

I’m Hannah, a poet, author and journalist from Scarborough. I spend my free time hanging out with penguins or building Lego!

Twitter: Hannah Green @h_green21 

Instagram: hgreen21

Website: Hannah Green

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Dr Kate Jenkinson

I'm Kate, Next Step HR Executive Coach by day and Performance Poet by night. I have aphantasia, a condition which means my mind’s eye is blind so spoken word is my preferred medium for communication of any kind.

Twitter: Dr Kate Jenkinson @kate_kjenkinson 


TEDx talk: Poetry never abandons us

Ali and Hannah know each other through the Camerados, an international movement that's about looking out for each other. Ali and Kate met earlier this year when they were both speakers in the first ever TEDx Warrington

From November 19th,

search the hashtag  #PoetryForTheSoul to find the poems!