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Manc Voice

Manc Voice has been set up to support Manchester people to have a say and get involved in the things that matter to them. You'll find it on Twitter:

Manc Voice @MancVoice

Manc Voice is the grassroots arm of my soul survival guide work

soul survival guide

Hello! My name is Ali Davenport. I live and work in Manchester and I'm passionate about my city. I'm also passionate about people having a say about the things that matter to them.


I'm not the only one - there are lots of us around. We're the ones trying out different ways of working and encouraging others to do the same.


Once you're into this, you can't go back. You find yourself on a mission to strip away anything that blocks authentic engagement and connection. And that's quite a lot of stuff!

My particular passion is conversation. I love sitting with a group, asking questions and exploring them together. The key is creating the space for the conversation to evolve out of what everyone brings to it. When this happens, there can be amazing sense of flow and connection. 

It takes courage to have conversations like this, especially around difficult subjects. But it can be a powerful experience. People need a voice and they need to be heard. Only then can we truly work together for change.

Why Manc Voice?

Manchester is a brilliant place to live and work. There are so many amazing people doing good stuff in the city. There's a real energy and desire for change. 

I've created Manc Voice to support this activity. It's a platform to share participation opportunities and promote positive practice.


Manchester is just one city though. Thanks to technology we can connect with others in a way we've never been able to before. Manc Voice joins other changemakers across the globe in the work to make our world a better place.  

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