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it's the small things


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I'm Ali Davenport, writer and thinker from Manchester. I've only just created 'it's the small things' and look forward to seeing where it goes. If you would like to connect with me, click on the social media links above. 

When we’re going through difficult times and using services, the small things matter. A kind smile, care with our records and appointments, being treated as a person not a number.


The small things make a big difference.

That’s why I've created ‘It’s the small things’. It's a gentle reminder to humanise care and support.

There’s no doubt that the present situation in the UK is troubling; the lack of resources, the weight of demand. It can be dis-heart-ening, seeming too large a challenge, too much to deal with.

But the day to day care and support goes on. ‘It’s the small things’ encourages those of us working and volunteering in services to focus on what's within our gift. What can we bring to those small, daily interactions? There may also be small changes we can suggest or action that give people a better experience.

We all go through it at one time or another – whether it’s ourselves, our family, partners, friends and work colleagues. The small things don’t just make a big difference to individuals; it’s everyone around us too.






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