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I'm Ali Davenport, writer, thinker and connector from Manchester.

Manc Voice is the grassroots arm of my soul survival guide work.

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Manc Voice work

Spring 2020

Changing conversations in the city

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In Manchester, we’re talking about conversations and the way they're changing. Everyone has a voice and a contribution to make. This creates a dynamic that promotes understanding and connection.

But sometimes, it’s just talk. Like co-production, people say they’re doing it - but not really. 


Conversations need to be set up in a way that levels the field. The power has to shift. Otherwise, some people will always be more equal than others.

This is nothing new. What's different in Manchester is the scale; the drive for a city-wide approach. Rather than being on the side-lines or kept for special occasions (Ooh, we’re going to talk to real people!), these kind of conversations become part of how we work, engage and communicate with each other.

'All social change begins with a conversation.'

Margaret J Wheatley 

Manc Voice wants to hear from you!

What's your experience of changing conversations? 


You can be a practitioner or someone who takes part in conversations.

You don't have to be in Manchester. 

I'm looking to pull together thoughts and stories around this subject, which I'll work into articles, Tweets etc. This is for our shared learning and to stimulate further thinking.

I don't have a plan for this. It's a conversation in itself - let's see where it goes!

You can message me through Twitter or by using the electronic form. 


Manc Voice @MancVoice

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