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I’m keen to engage with my readers and visitors to this website. But please read these guidelines first.

feedback on the book

I would really welcome your comments on the soul survival guide v.1. General responses are great, but the more specific you can be the better.


  • Tell me what chapters, or parts of chapters, you like and why.

  • What chimes with you? What makes you think, ‘Yes! I get that’.

  • Has any part challenged your way of thinking or encouraged you to change? Have you tried any of the suggestions out – and how successful (or not) were they? (Really important - relates to benefits of the book, could quote on landing page, home page. Here's what people have said.'

  • Are there bits you don’t get or you don’t understand what I’m trying to say?

  • Are there gaps or further questions?

My hope is to get lots of feedback and use it to improve the book. This is your chance to contribute. I might write back to ask some questions or clarify. Some thing about why it's v.1.

feedback on the website, facebook page and twitter
Let me have your thoughts. Are there any posts or articles you would like to give feedback on? A question or topic you would like me to explore? Any issues with navigating the website or finding what you’re looking for?

sharing your experiences
I’m afraid I’m not here to give you advice or be your life coach. The most I can do is to signpost you to parts of the book that might be helpful.

However, I’m interested in hearing stories that relate to content in the book, the website or my facebook and twitter pages. It develops my understanding and might lead me to re-address parts of the book or write an article about the subject. If I’d like to use any of what you’ve written – in a quote or a case study, for example – I’ll ask your permission first.


You can email me at

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I’ll try to respond to all your messages but it’s not always possible.


It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your taking the time to write to me!

Please be respectful.

Any form of abuse or intolerance, about me or anyone else, isn't acceptable on this website, or twitter and facebook pages.

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