Connection Fest

December 2020

We need each other more than ever.

Let's come together to explore & celebrate connection.

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What is Connection Fest?

It's just an idea. For the month of December, we set up free events and share stuff exploring connection and what it means to us, especially at this time. It's a way of spreading positivity - and hope - to help us through this difficult chapter in the human story. It's also a chance to express how we're feeling about this shared experience we're going through. 

Who 'owns' the festival? 

We all do. Everyone can contribute and own it. No headline acts here!

Who's running it?

I'm Ali Davenport, writer and soul-searcher from Manchester. Connection Fest grew out of an idea I had for something else. I decided to run with it because I wanted to do something - more so once we hit lockdown again. I think it's something we can run with together. I'm just coordinating some of it. 

A light in the winter

How to take part

There are lots of ways you can get involved. It's about doing what fits with you and where you are with your life right now. If you set something up and can't do it for whatever reason, that's okay. If you do something and it doesn't go so well - that's okay too. It's in the spirit of the thing to try things out!

The Festival will run for the whole of December. If you want to set something up, it's up to you to organise it. But if you send it to me, I'll put it on the Fest-prog, with links to booking - if it's on Eventbrite, say. It doesn't have to be an open or public event - the programme is about capturing all the wonderful activity - but it needs to be free to be listed.


You can also send me anything you'd like to share - photographs, stories, videos etc - which I'll curate on social media as part of the festival and post on here. 

Use this form to send me your activity and anything you'd like to share - and to give me 'Your permission'.


Here are some ideas:


  • Do something that connects people in your neighbourhood and/or wider global community 

  • Get conversations going - this might be on Twitter, your Facebook page or in a Zoom gathering

  • Share things that mean something to you around connection - a photograph, a story or your passions

  • Create something that expresses your feelings about connection - like a piece of art, music or craft 

  • Bring people together to celebrate connection in a creative way

  • Take the opportunity to connect with others and share ideas

If you have an idea but you're unsure, please feel welcome to get in touch. If you need some support, we can see if there's anyone out there to help you make it a reality. 

If you just want to participate, that's great. Every contribution matters! 

Get connecting!

Social media is going to play a big part in this. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also message me through these or use the form. 

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