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Connection Fest

December 2020

Get Fest-ive

As human beings, we're driven to connect with each other. This is a time to be creative in how we do this. Here are some ideas for Connection Fest.



Get conversations going


Share the stuff with heart

Facebook and own communities - share photo of what connection means to you ask others to do the same

Connect up

If you've written a poem, is there someone who can perform it for you? If you're doing something innovative in your community, is there anyone doing similar in another corner of the world? This is more than just networking! It's finding a sense of connection with other human beings - which is a wonderful thing. 

Do something that connects people in your neighbourhood and/or wider global community 

Get conversations going - this might be on Twitter, your Facebook page or in a Zoom gathering

Share things that mean something to you around connection - a photograph, a story or your passions

Create something that expresses your feelings about connection - like a piece of art, music or craft 

Bring people together to celebrate connection in a creative way

Take the opportunity to connect with others and share ideas

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