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about me

We live in challenging times. It can be disturbing and potentially overwhelming.


I want to play my part in helping us navigate through this. It isn’t just about survival. Anyone can exist. It’s about how we come through it without losing our humanity and hope.


I’m a traveller, not an expert or guru. I’m not promoting a religious or spiritual approach. I’m using the word ‘soul’ in the same way we talk about something being 'good for the soul' or 'soul-destroying'. It’s who we are at our core, the heart of us – the best of us – in the here and now.


As someone with lived (and living) experience of depression and anxiety, I know what it’s like to search for answers. 'Soul survival guide' was the book I was looking for on the shelves. It wasn't there - so I wrote it. 

But my work has evolved since then. 

Will questions in a box work? 

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