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soul survival guide

about ali

I’ve always loved asking questions and discussing life, the universe and everything. It led me to writing soul survival guide, which I self-published last year.

Much of my work is around mental health and wellbeing, a subject I’m passionate about from my time supporting people affected by cancer and from my own lived (and living) experience.

I’ve dealt with low mood, depression and anxiety most of my life. Around the age of forty, I went through the toughest time of my life so far. I got through in the end. It gave me the belief that while support from other people is important, it's ultimately up to us.


I turned to the spiritual and psychological world for answers but wasn’t sure which roads to take. The 'soul survival guide' was the book I was looking for on the shelves. It wasn't there - so I wrote it. 


soul survival guide – pandemic a-z

We’re living through challenging, life-changing times. At the start of lockdown, I wanted to do something but didn’t know what. Lots of people were sharing mental wellbeing advice and tips. I didn’t need to add to it.

As the weeks passed, I felt drawn to my first love – writing. The idea of a soul survival guide a-z around the pandemic started to form.

As I began to write, I realised it's not just a mental wellbeing guide. It's about the bigger picture and more philosophical. It's also more personal than 'soul survival guide'.

giving it away

I’ve created 'soul survival guide – pandemic a-z' as a free piece to share. I’ve also made my book 'soul survival guide' available for free.

I went part time in my Council job last year and I’ve realised that if I live humbly, I can manage. Rather than making money from my writing, it’s more important to me that people read my work and share it as widely as possible.

I love connecting - get in touch! 


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