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soul survival guide

Hello! I'm Ali Davenport, writer, poet, and soul-searcher from Manchester, England. I love asking questions - and exploring possible answers! 

I've written a book and some other pieces, including a pocketbook of poetry about the pandemic and Days of Grace. My latest work is poem The Song of Ryebank Fields, a call to the City of Manchester. You can download all my work for free on this page - it's my gift to the world! See the sort of stuff I do in poetry events and other activities. You can read about me and my writing in my pieces for 2022's National Poetry Day and World Mental Health Day

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In June 2022, I gave a talk about connection at the first ever TEDx Warrington. Here's the video of my talk! Find out more here. (Image credit: TEDx Warrington, Andrew Collier Photography)

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I've written a new poem 'The Song of Ryebank Fields'. Find out more(Image credit: Stuart Spray)

Some of my poems appear in the Earth Pathways calendar and diary 2023.

Calendar 1 - Earth Pathways Calendar 2023 COVER.jpg
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If you go to 'pandemic a-z' you can download a free piece of writing, as well as my pocketbook of poetry - 'We're all new to this'.


There are some videos to watch too. 

soul survival guide

My book - 'soul survival guide' - is available for free. Download a copy herePlease feel welcome to share. 

You can also buy 'soul survival guide' as a paperback and e-book for Kindle on Amazon. I'm offering them at the lowest price I can (e-book £1.99, paperback £3.50). See buy the book.

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I love connecting - get in touch! 


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