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I'm Ali Davenport, writer and soul-searcher from Manchester, England. 

I love asking questions - and exploring possible answers! 

soul survival guide

Life is beautiful but tough - especially at the moment. I wanted to do something, so I've created a free piece of writing - 'soul survival guide: pandemic a-z'It's about the uncertainty and messiness of the times we’re living in. But it also reflects on the good stuff that might come out of it and celebrates the human spirit - the way we keep on keeping on. There is also a series of short videos, taking a different letter each time.

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See the pandemic a-z series of short videos here


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I've also written a pocketbook of poetry, capturing the heart of the 'pandemic a-z':  

we're all new to this

- words of comfort & encouragement during the pandemic 

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soul survival guide

My book - 'soul survival guide' - is available for free. Please feel welcome to share:

Download for free here

You can still buy 'soul survival guide' as a paperback and e-book for Kindle on Amazon. I'm offering them at the lowest price I can at this time (e-book £1.99, paperback £3.50). See buy the book.

Connection Fest 

In December 2020, I created Connection Fest, a month-long festival exploring and celebrating connection and what it means to us, especially at this time. Find out more here. 

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